September 30

Playing the gem crystal bowls for the developmentally disabled adults doesn’t work the way it does with “regular” folks. They don’t relax and get calm.  Bev at the Crystal Room has told me it’s because the sine wave isn’t big enough. So I have come up with an alternative. Since is the intention is to provide an enjoyable time, I am going to let them play the Tibetans and see what happens.

They love it. They make all kinds of noise. Reggie gives up his red lunch bag to play percussion. Julius has a great sense of rhythm and gives me a big hug at the end. Florence just loves to play. She’s a good sport all around. Even Nicole who is in a motorized chair and can only wave one hand seems engaged and happy.

The next group comes in. Laura goes along with it and seems to trust me. Cynthia takes a chance, petite as she is. She’s timid at first, but can’t seem to help herself enjoying making noise. She surprises herself with how much she likes it. She kind of giggles and then plays some more. Lisa, more highly functional, experiments with techniques.

Clearly, these people have loved playing the bowls. These revered bowls that I honor seem liberated. I wasn’t sure how it would be to have people banging on them (I don’t let that happen usually, because they deserve respect.) However, no longer are they only sacred, they incorporate the joy from these people. The bowls have opened.


Sept 9

Guidance for the Day:

Music for you is your entrance; just as silence is. You have known stillness a long time. It is always within you. A thread, a column from you to the divine and rooted in earth. It is a life force — this vibration of a refined magnitude.

We rejoice in your access of it. For stillness is a vehicle to assist you in your journey.

Listening requires awareness. It requires receiving and allowing; processing but no judgment for ultimate freedom.

Processing from listening can also lead to action and that requires choices, but not necessarily judgments. For choices can change.

Do you see how one becomes less anxious with such realizations? Choices are mutable, not fixed, not concrete hard. You are learning flow and flexibility in this silence and in this music.


Sept 5

The message comes: “It is the space between the notes that makes the music. ”

In a workshop at LilyDale the woman sitting next to me lives in Cleveland too and may be a great contact for programs with the bowls!

Sept 4

I play for the yoga and chakra workshop at LilyDale. I play a beginning intro meditation with my bowls that the group loves and I play again over some of the lunch hour. I sell 6 CDS. During the workshop, I play both the big quartz bowls Jan has brought that relate specifically to chakra points and mine when it seems appropriate. The gem crystal bowls are more multi-dimensional in tone than the single quartz bowls. As a result, sometimes the gem crystal in the bowl relates more to the chakra than its musical note. 

Sept 3

I’ve ordered a Lotus bowl from Bodhisattva. They are becoming so rare. Yet, I feel another bowl is to accompany it. I talk with Shakti. I have seen one on their site, but it is not quite right for some reason, although it sounds beautifully. She finds another one and then a third which I can tell she thinks is lovely. I can tell it is not mine. Then she realizes it will complete a set she has been working on and starts getting apologetic. No need I say, it wasn’t mine. The next day she finds one more, which is it. She has also assembled some bowls for me to sell. So now I am a retailer!

Today too, Jan and Judi and I drive to LilyDale where they will hold a workshop tomorrow. LilyDale, a spiritualist community, is looking better these days. Maybe the last few years have been good to it.

Sept. 2

Concert at Loganberry Books tonight. We had 25+ people. My first concert with ticket sales! I play for 40 minutes, when I offer a break for people, few want to move. They want to stay with the sound, the energy. So I play again. The Tibetan bowls are starting to change with how they relate to the crystal bowls, integrating more, less differentiation.

A two-part tone comes in, almost pulse-like. Daaaaahhhhhh-dooooo. Comes in, goes out. Like the breath, a pulse. Seems wider then more narrow, wider again then narrow. They’re always changing.

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