Oct. 31

I play the bowls for my Sufi group as part of opening the day of Retreat. I am honored and humbled. The bowls are clearly singing and enjoying themselves, yet not all of them play, which is a surprise, nor do the tuning forks. The sounds do transport one. People later tell me how much they enjoyed it. They ask me, if it’s scripted or improvised. I say “it’s guided.” Totally guided. I usually know the first bowl I’m going to play and only the first bowl. And then it unfolds from there. Certain sequences will come up that are known to me, but in what order or when in the program is all a mystery and exploration. The programs evolve because of both me and the group I’m playing for — where we are on all levels and dimensions. I was asked to play again after lunch for 10-15 minutes. The bowls always seem willing to accommodate time when the request is made. So I asked them. As I played this second time, a new and complex sequence involving 6 bowls came through, and then a single Tibetan stepped forth and at the end that’s all I played. Later, people told me that the second time, even though shorter, was more profound than the first. I believe it was the state we had all entered into by that time in the Retreat. The bowls were just re-sounding it for us. As one person noted to me about me, “you’re just in love.”  True enough.


Oct. 30

I play the bowls for a wonderful event at the Optimal Wellness Center. I get lost in the sounds. A new sequence (or old) of Grandfather, Grandmother and Indium shows up. One participant was doing yoga poses at times, felt compelled to do so. Fine by me, the bowls guide me. Nicole Tuzzio of the Good ‘N Raw Cafe  prepares some delicious juices for us before we begin. Then after the program, she has these delectable little treats of all different kinds — fig, cacao, and one red/orange one, I’m still trying to discern. On another note, I’ve also placed another order for antique singing bowls, which will arrive next week. They are truly magical.

Oct. 29

Last night as I did some tuning with an imaginary bowl, sound came to me like an atmosphere, a breeze you might say. I’ve never had that happen before — sound arriving, “showing up” because I was playing. I was making no sound with the imaginary bowl, simply playing it in my “mind” and feeling it deeply in my heart, when the sound came to me. I wasn’t sending any physical sound, yet it wanted to come and be present. The tone was like one the crystal bowls would play — that expansive quality, not a single note per se.

The experience is similar to when I used to just sit and wait and listen for the tones to come. Now, it seems I may be calling to them in a new way. Perhaps they’re being more responsive as I become more active withthem. I’ll continue to listen.

October 25

For the first time, I hear a musical chord. Or at least that’s what I think it is. The tone is different than others. Richer, fuller and seems composed of more than one note, yet all sounding together. I hear it as though it’s far away. It may be what woke me up. At first I think it may be a train, but it’s not that. Then I hope to hear it again, and there it is. Definitely not a train whistle, and so beautiful — one long velvety chord. And I see an electric purple line in my mind with two spheres at either end and it glows purple when the sound starts.   

October 24

We have the Artists Open House today and I play the bowls throughout. The gem crystal bowls are so beautiful in color and sound they catch everyone’s eye. One person came in and said that he had a Tibetan bowl that just sat on the shelf. I was playing one of the Tibetans at the time. It doesn’t matter to me what people think of the bowls or what they say. I am so in love with the relationship I have with them, people’s comments just bypass me. He sat down, and I continued playing gently. Suddenly he looked startled, “Oh, you just gave me a diagrammatic drawing of how they work. It comes from the heart.” I was glad he could see it since I don’t, but I just continued to play. People having foot massages had the additional benefit of the bowls.

October 19

Leaving Ithaca and a fantastic workshop with energy “tuner” Deena Spear. After playing the bowls yesterday I felt a confirmation for all that I’m doing. It is all possible, and I have no idea what that means. That I am to be based in Cleveland, Ohio for the time being is undeniable. That I may have more than one base is likely. To be in the countryside again has been so good. The sense of calm it offers with fields and trees. Not unlike where I grew up.

October 18

I go for a long walk first thing and all kinds of birds and deer are out. Then in the workshop, I get to play the bowls to tune the violins. First, I play the beautiful Tibetan dharma. I think the intention became a healing for me rather than the violin, because as I played my heart opened and then my consciousness opened into a completely new space. The violin sounded better too. Then I played the gem crystal Grandfather bowl, which was beautiful and deep but did not sustain like it can. Then I played Grandmother. Each time the violin improved. I thought the violin was great. Then Deena said “You don’t have the bowl you need for this violin. You’ll have to imagine it. Play that one.” I didn’t hesitate. I could sense the bowl, held the intention and went around it about 5 times. I knew I was done in about 2-3 times around, I just wanted to play it a bit more. I noted that I had played it longer than necessary for the tuning and Deena said that was true. Then I asked if I had also been influencing the violinist. She said no, she maintained neutrality when a tuning was occurring.

Afterward, one person came up to tell me that he could hear and see it when I began with the imaginary bowl and when I ended. Another told me how a pillar of light had occurred. Someone else said she could tell it had blessed/tuned the land. 

October 17

Our hostess Shirley at the B&B doesn’t know what to serve the 3 of us at Deena’s workshop. One can’t eat wheat, the other dairy, and none of us eat meat.  She is Chinese, but could be a Jewish or Italian mother — she wants us to eat. So, she gets up at 5 and makes this amazing vegan stew of black beans and potatoes and squash. Then she decides that is not enough, so she steams vegies with a ginger sauce and drapes them over rice. She also offers these special Chinese bakery delicacies of lotus seed and bean cake with a cooked egg-yolk like the moon in the center of one.

Turns out to be a good thing as we don’t eat until late in the afternoon. We learn about tuning and the Hebrew alphabet in a very full day of working with sound.

The portrait done in sepia that caught my attention is of Michael the Archangel. No wonder! The man who drew it in pixels is in the group. We also have a cellist who repairs violins and has worked with Deena on some. A pilot. A physician. Several vets. A retired podiatrist. A chiropractor or two. A woman studying for seminary. Another who taught design at a university and works with shamans in Peru. Another prof. Lots of diverse interests.

October 16

How exciting I’m at Deena’s workshop on sound. Fascinating group of people. Lots of warmth. I was energized just entering the room. My whole body was humming. That’s a good beginning.

October 14

I play for another library at noon. As I enter I follow a woman whose arms are filled with doughnut holes and cookies. I ask if these are for the singing bowls program. She says, “Yes. We have lots more coming than we expected.” I think about 30 people show up, which is what I would anticipate.

Lots of questions before I begin. I show them how sound has form and can be shifted with our hands. It’s an interested group with a fair amount of seniors and some folks I know. The playing is wonderful. Afterward, people come up, including a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. People buy CDs, sign up on the mailing list. Wow!

 October 13

I play at the Chagrin Falls library and we have 30 people. The library is thrilled by the turnout. It’s evening so I put the lights low so that people can sit back and relax. I play for them and afterwards some people want to try their hand at it. One woman starts to approach a crystal bowl with a wooden mallet. I almost shout “No!” (maybe I did shout). So I show her what to do with one of the suede mallets.  Others are playing the Tibetan ones for sale, and two people place reserves on bowls. A woman and her husband come up to hear the crystal bowls up close. I offer the bowl to the woman to play. She is too scared given the cost of them. I say, “That’s why they’re insured.” Her husband is willing to try and notes the sense of feeling the vibration to her. So she tries it, and smiles in recognition. What fun!

Sunday, October 11

Final day of Universal Light Expo in Columbus and selling stones for The Crystal Guy. I apply for a booth for next year to sell singing bowls. We see Elizabeth Tallman and she asks me to play for her meditation that day. So I do. The group is small and lovely. It’s a treat to hear Elizabeth talk of the stones. She once handed me a filmy clear Tibetan that turned out to be the consort for the smokey quartz Tibetan I had bought as my first crystal. He had always been a bit wild and powerful (very shamanic), and then he met his lady. They are a wonderful pair.

We have a great day. Gene and I play our crystal bowls for various people. We sell stones and eat some great vegan cookies. We live life large on the road.

October 10

My nephew Chris’s birthday. He’s 30, married, with a kid, a new home and farther away than when he was growing up. I always remember him as a baby on this day. He is a terrific young man. Me, his wacky aunt is at a metaphysical fair, selling crystals. My family doesn’t know what to make of all this, but they accept it, which is really gracious of them.

The day just rolls! We sell stones, stones, stones. Then we get to go out for one of our famous Lindy’s dinners. The food is delicious.

I talk with a woman about swimming with the dolphins in Bimini and Hawaii. Would love to do that again.

October 9 

 Lorna and I roll into Columbus and head for our favorite Zen Cha tea place. I get date and longan tea, which is sweet and delicious in a glass pot with its own little candle burner underneath. I have these rice rolled pyramids that are tasty and a ginger carrot soup. Our server is a woman from New Zealand with streaked red hair and brilliant green feathers she’s placed in it. I doubt I could pull that off, but it is so fun to see it in someone who can and enjoys it. 

We go to the expo hall and help set up for the show. Later, we head out to dinner and then I play my bowls for the group in Barb & Gene’s room. Gene plays his new bowl. And I think of how this all began in Tucson in January, when they were out there too. Circling, circling.

October 7

Played at Common Ground out in Oberlin tonight. Two-and- half-hour session. Longest program so far. We do a breathing exercise to get grounded and connect with the earth. I pass crystals around that the bowls are made of so people can feel the vibration and see if they can match it with the bowl of that gem. For that’s how I perceive the bowls. They give voice to the stones they are made of , their consciousness and more. I tell how I hear tones and how I came to the bowls. We talk about the musical notes associated with the chakras and howthe gem crystal bowls take that into another dimension. For example, my Emerald bowl is an E (solar plexus) yet it plays to the heart. The ruby bowl is a B (crown chakra). Ruby is a root chakra stone and the sound is very grounded in this bowl, so you can feel it throughout your body. We end and people want to talk. One person even buys a Tibetan bowl right then. People offer me opportunities and suggestions for venues. Wonderful night.

 October 6

If I truly believed I am Divine then I would invest each act, no matter how big or small, with the feeling and belief that this is a moment of Creation. Because it is.

At writing class today, I draw the card: “Treat writing as an act of reverence.”  Bharati Mukherjee   

There are no coincidences.

October 5

Guidance for the Day:  Don’t worry. It is a waste of time. It is a form of anticipatory fear. This is not an aspect of living that is helpful in any way. It simply draws the motive (intent) away from action and makes it lie fallow. It is deceptive, in that worry lets you think, even believe, that you are preparing for “the worst case scenario” or some thing. When, in fact, you are simply feeding delusions that may or may not occur. There is no reason to feed these delusions. You could just as well buy an ice cream for yourself.

October 2

Sometimes celestial beings grace me with insights that seem more universal than personal. I’ll share those. Here’s one:

Guidance for the Day – Beauty. Remember all the beauty in your day. See beauty everywhere. This is youur guidance. Never relenquish beauty for a safe substitute. Join with beauty. You are beauty. See yourself this way.

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