Nov. 30

I never know how these days will turn out now. I move through fear these days by staying aware and letting it be part of the process. Oh, I’m not always successful, but changes have occurred, no doubt of it.

Someone comes by to buy a bowl they had put on reserve. New bowls have arrived though, and they decide to try some out. Usually I am the one playing the Tibetan bowls or teaching people how to play them. This person has the technique tho and it is wonderful to hear the sound move out from her in a circle maybe three feet away from her and surrounding her. This is the way sound can move and encompass us and shift in the world, even the material world. The warmth with the one bowl is terrific too. She’s concerned that the bowl she is falling for is not the one she put on reserve. I tell her not to worry, just to release it. So she does. All’s well. 

Nov. 29

I receive a comment from someone watching the video who found it peaceful. I am so glad. I don’t know technically how to respond to YouTube comments, but I’ll try posting one. All I want to offer is some peace, joy, relief from whatever currently plagues someone and an opportunity to receive guidance from their own direct exerience. We should always get to live in beauty, know joy, peace and delight in the day and our lives.

Nov. 28

Some people come for the morning concert. Since most people experience the bowls in the evening/night, they find the comparison of daylight of interest.  They feel they don’t go as deep, because they aren’t as moved toward sleep. Perhaps, but they have sunlight, instead of star and moon light for influence. One of the people later tells me, she thought she heard someone outside the house speaking, but wasn’t listening enough to try to understand them. I had had the sense of one of the Tibetan bowls really giving “voice” tho I couldn’t understand it. My friend’s experience confirms mine and so for her too. I find myself loving the stemmed Tibetan bowls more and more. Fascinating. Some people come for the evening concert, and since we have some time we try fountaining the bowls. One woman gets grandfather (one of my oldest bowls) going wonderfully. She mentions the “snake” that goes round and round with the vibration. I sell three crystal bowlsto someone I’ve met through all this magic. (The first time to someone not a close friends to begin with, so all of this just continues to evolve and change. ) The concert then is magic as always.


Nov. 27

I can’t seem to settle today. Such a contrast to my feelings yesterday. Can’t tell if I’m being influenced by the crazed sense of shopping and those who feel they can’t spend, or if it’s the sugar and such I ate yesterday. I need to get ready for the Open House tomorrow. I am excited as it seems the Tibetan bowls debut. Tonight I play with fountaining the shallow bowls. I tried this years ago, but have set it aside. Still the one bowl has some interesting marks. One of my oldest bowls is the most cooperative, fascinating to watch the water take on a pattern. Feels like one could scrye with such an activity.

Nov. 26

For several years in a row, I’ve noticed the energies on the morning of Thanksgiving Day are calm and beautiful. They bespeak gratefulness. It is a joy to be in their presence.  

Nov. 25

It’s time to tell good friends that I have been accepted to present the singing bowls at the Universal Light Expo in October 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. This is a wonderful metaphysical show that I have participated in the last few years helping out The Crystal Guy from Cincinnati who has amazing stones — call him.  I have known for a few days now, and have allowed it to mellow. To know something and hold it is a mystical practice that was presented to me a number of years ago. I am not always sure about it, as I love the joy of the initial excitement. I do see the merit however of letting good news permeate us so that perhaps less ego “Look at me. Look at me.” is involved and more of us participates in sharing.   More practice.

Nov. 24

Today, someone comes by who is interested in the crystal bowls. We start by playing them, then it seems we need to work on tecchnique. Nothing is better for that than the Tibetans! They have their own personalities and learning to play them is the way to become comfortable playing any bowl. Luckily, I have a few who are easy to play. So she gets skillful with one, then I give her another and finally, one of my more “temperamental” ones. Then we return to the crystal bowls. The crystal bowls are easy to play, but you can get the technique down with the Tibetans. She has a great sense of the sound, and it is fun to be part of someone’s exploration.

She asks if I’ve considered playing with someone else. I actually had a kid ask the same question at my first concert in a public library. What the kid really wanted to know was would she be allowed to play the bowls. When I told her she could, she pulled her fists and elbows down toward her body in that victory way, exclaiming “Yes!!” Now, I ponder it again. My response this time is that most people can’t play the variety of Tibetans, so I would need to play the Tibetans, and I love playing the crystal bowls so much that it would be hard not to do that as well. But it sounds really nice this idea. So maybe I will. It’s all possible.


Nov. 23

These days are filled. I receive new soudn files for some bowls, and two are definite “yesses.” With confirmation of shipments, possibilities of new opportunities, getting ready for shows/sales, the days speed by. I am grateful for all of this new enterprise.


Nov. 22

I cannot pass this day without thinking of President Kennedy’s assassination. Some of you reading this were not born yet, but those of you who remember, we remember. So I always take a pause and remember how we had great hopes and dreams, and how some of them have come to pass and others are still coming into being.

This afternoon, I play at a nursing home. A group of nine gathers, and they are interested and animated. I play and they enjoy it. I take a crystal bowl around for them to feel the vibration and then I place a Tibetan on their hands and play. I love this interaction. One resident rewards me with a whirlygig he makes out of pop cans. It is pick and gold and just the kind of thing I enjoy.  At the end, another man asks me if the bowls help those with autism. I don’t know. It is clear this has touched his life, so I sit down and ask him. He tells me his story about a “goddaughter” with two such children. He is close to tears, but a man of his generation would not cry. I let him pause. I can listen. All he needs is someone to listen. Just someone to listen.

I  am buying more bowls with someone sending me sound files. One is not for my clients and yet is on my wavelength. I don’t need another bowl, so I ask if there are others. I get fearful as I make the request, b/c I don’t want to create bad feelings nor diminsh the effort that has been made. I am still learning how to let people know my feelings about things without getting scared about doing it. Definitely not comfortable.  

Nov. 21

I play for another meditation group as a private session. One woman starts crying as I play a few introductory notes with the bowls. She is surprised by her response. Emotional response is one I have seen with others. It seems so cleansing to me. The hostess had put out tissues, because she was sure she would cry. Several people lay down, which I believe is the best way to experience the bowls — totally relaxed. I play for almost an hour. The bowls just keep going, but always when they are done, they finish. Some people are surprised that I regard these as living beings. One person has a real “ah ha” moment about that in this group. Up until now that person had not understood the livingness in so-called inanimate objects, now they got it. These bowls are truly amazing. Their voices give me voice. Me, who has written most of my life, has often been outspoken, who does presentations, etc. I get to have a real voice with these bowls. Three of the Tibetan bowls go to new homes. Wow, how lovely is that!


Nov. 20

I have tea and homemade scones with a wonderful older woman. We exchange stories — me about the bowls and her about angels and other metaphysical phenonema that she can’t tell most people about or they’ll think she’s crazy. We’re both grateful to have been introduced by a mutual friend. She sends me off with the leftover scones and an herbal potpurri she’s made. The scones feel so nourishing, made as they have been, with care and love.

A woman contacts me who’ was at a concert has fallen in love with the crystal bowls as much as I did. She wants to buy some and maybe even become a distributor. She hasn’t really gotten the chance to play them tho. So I invite her over to explore and experience.

Tonight I go play for a yacht club! I never know where the bowls will take me. It’s fun. A group of both sailors and power boaters, and in Cleveland, this is a pretty middle class group. I only get to play for 10 minutes what with all the questions to answer, but they enjoy it. For the third time, someone remarks on how watching me play looks like I’m in a dance.

Nov. 19

A new sequence with the bowls comes. They are becoming more complex. Whereas before there might be two or three bowls in harmony and repeats. Now it’s five bowls or, as in this one , five bowls but repeats within the pattern before it starts again.

Also another set of bowls have arrived with a sweet little one for me. They are nice bowls and will sell well. I am grateful to have found such wonderful suppliers.

I have a session with Matt of . I highly recommend his work. We move into a state of awareness, where a great sense of freedom occurs. I watch as some part of my being resists, probably my ego b/c with this freedom no sense of control exists. Everything is available as a choice – oh look isn’t that lovely, oh that too – not a judgment or constraint.  It’s as if all consequences will continue to unfold as more choices and more spaciousness. The spaciousness is unbelievable. Matt and I have worked together over the past four years or so, and this session concludes a six-session “retreat.” He is a gifted guide with a sense of humor that I enjoy. I am grateful to have made his acquaintance on this path.

Nov. 18

I have nothing new for the developmentally disabled adults I work with on Weds.  at a local adult activty center. I bring materials to make rattles again and the Tibetan bowls willing to come. I am not sure I am doing any good for these people. When I first played the crystal bowls, they did not respond like others. Bev says the wavelength isn’t wide enough. They do enjoy playing the Tibetans tho. It’s clear they want to be a part of something, not just spectators.  I’ve come to accept when I don’t know whether what I do benefits people in other situations, so that lesson returns in another form here as well.  Interestingly, it’s like being on the other side of the equation. I’ve wanted to let “the tones” know that I receive them,  and now I’m like “the tones.” I want to communicate with these folks and am not sure if I am. The tones weren’t worried about it tho. They came anyway.

These days are full. I hold my second public concert where I pay for the space. The first was this summer where I split the entrance fee with Loganberry Books. Three people come tonight, and three who thought they might don’t make it. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of turnout. It’s still great. It’s clear to me that I am willing to play to any number of people. All three tell of wonderful experiences and how relaxing it is. Two of them brought sleeping bags.

Nov. 17

Why am I exploring sound? The question returns to me since I am such a visual person and a word person. Because sound found me. I didn’t ask for it. It arrived. And I believe you make a guest welcome, even if it is a stranger. You never know who it is. So this exploration is a time to become familiar with what I do not know and to ask others to join me or help in whatever ways they know.

I play tonight at a private party that is very receptive to the bowls. People feel fairies, the vibrations, the joy that can come from this music.

Nov. 16

I go to Terra Vista Studio to scope out space for me and the bowls for the Holiday Sale — Dec 4-6. We figure out a way to be near the entrance. I play a little for them, but these are smaller bowls and then the blower kicks in! Still they could hear them just before that and agree they are beautiful.

The kyeezee arrives! This is a metal gong from Burma, sort of in the shape of a triangle and looking like either a hat or a seated Buddha (reminds me of the Little Prince’s picture of a snake that ate an elephant, not a hat after all). It has amazing sound whirling around as it does.

Later, one of my old familiar sounds occurs as I get ready for bed. It sounds similar to the “everything’s fine. all safe.” tone, but doesn’t come in at an angle. I have stayed up late and am somewhat dissatisfied with some things. I ask what it has to tell me. Then just get quiet for a while. As I drift off to sleep I have visions of being eye level and very small with amazing Hindu or Buddhist brass sculptures. I have been listening to Krishna Das kirtans as well as playing with the bowls and now the kyeezee. Have they brought me this vision?

Nov. 15

The yoga studio session was amazing. People went deep into their postures and selves. I speak with one woman later who resonated with the Tibetan bowls but not the crystal bowls. I will continue to listen for more information on this. She said she does well with going into silence, so it certainly doesn’t seem to be the need for a busy mind. The Tibetans were clearly made with intention, so she may be matching up with that. Interesting.

In the afternoon I played in Oberlin at an art gallery show. People enjoyed it. The sound moved through the rooms and people tried to locate it. Spoke with various people about the bowls. Some had fun trying their hand at. One young man in particular was captured by it. Gave out lots of business cards. In these settings I sometimes lose myself for short periods, but I must stay more aware so that people don’t bump into the bowls, since they and I are all on the floor. Also people want to talk, and I enjoy sharing the information. It does always seem to bless a place. Like incense.

Nov. 14

Last night I play a couple of bowls for friends who are not into all things metaphysical. They are surprised by how relaxing and beautiful the sounds are. They can understand why I have been captivated. Tonight, I play at a yoga studio.

Nov. 13

I spent most of yesterday building a mailing list. All part of the work. Then I deleted it with one click. Rebuilt it and finally found where it had landed in my Inbox! Technology. Did get a gig with the Senior Center for Valentine’s Day. Fun. Today I receive this

Guidance for the Day

Trust my little one. The world is not so big or complex, but its wonder is. Big or little, what does it matter? You flow through on the river or in it. Fly or swim. Feel yourself carried. You know a body floats, not sink. This is you. Spread your arms. What is there to fall to? You are supported. Always. The cosmos is so vast. Your breath is just as everlasting.  No worries, sweet one. Wipe the lines from your brow. Widen your smile. Join us. Our arms too are open. Come.

Nov. 12

The bowls arrive this afternoon! Now, I have some less expensive ones. I am pleased, but one is lacquered shiny. I will ask to be told if any are lacquered beforehand. A couple have also been lathed clean. I am always sorry to see the bowls treated this way, even though it is done with the intention to make them more presentable I wish they would allow them their birth voice. And who am I to say that is ever lost? So I shift gears and tell them how beautiful they are and make them feel welcome. They all want a bath! So I start bathing them. I want to prepare some for my friend who’s requested a less expensive bowl and now I have three to offer her. I meet her for dinner and she is pleased with the bowls and finds one that chooses her. It was my first hit for her and then another presented itself, and I took the third just for a selection, although we both knew it wasn’t that one.


Nov. 11

I wait all day for the bowls and when I go to the Post Office to mail something I realize it is Veterans Day and there will be no delivery. Tonight though Catherine and I do a yoga session with the bowls as a sort of rehearsal and tuning for us. It’s amazing. I do an opening meditation with the bowls, then join the class. I can feel my body breathe and elongate. The bowls seem to enhance it even tho they are no longer playing. I can also tell I am not fully balanced as I do warrior pose. I don’t yoga much, usually Tai Chi and Qi Gong, so it is fun to try this stretching and flexibility. I return to the bowls at the end. As usual people don’t want to move when the bowls start playing. They remain in these wonderful open-heart postures, well-supported. One of the Tibetans is the last to play, not usual, but they are blending more and more with the crystal bowls.

Nov. 10

I’m very excited. New bowls will be arriving for sale soon.

Nov. 8

I decide to try the skills I learned with Deena on one of my Tibetan bowls that sounds ring-ey and high. It’s one I intend to sell. I generally unpack them and make them comfortable, but try not to get too involved with them as I am afraid of falling in love with them and not being able to sell them. I had also wished not to influence them before handing them on. All nonsense. The bowls will know where to go and I don’t need to hold such beliefs. This is sort of taking down veils to see what’s behind that? what’s behind that? what’s behind that?   Itry my hand at tuning this one, and it works. It sounds more mellow and rounded and warm. (I think it can get even better, but I am content for right now.)

I also find another site on the web and end up talking to the owner Gordon Kuhne about the kyeezee he has on the site. When I hear it, I know it from somewhere. So I order one. He has some beautiful bowls too. We get to talk about consciousness and sound and again I feel connected in an entirely different geographic place with another who is pursuing this mystery and miracle.

Nov. 7

Last night I did a private home session with the bowls and I am asked again if I consider this healing work. I say that healings both physical and emotional have been ascribed to the work. However, I feel the word “healing” is limited, and the bowls are anything but limited. I believe we are comingling with the Divine with the bowls. I am in love with the bowls and when people hear the bowls they enter love as well. To be in love is to be in connection with the Divine or Oneness, there is no separation. We are transformed from the individual to the unity.

Healing implies something was wrong or broken or wounded — insufficient in some manner. We are none of those things. Even when we don’t feel well or relationships are “off,” we are not limited. So we need to continue to re-attune to that limitless-ness. These bowls provide an attunement to that potent potentiality in all of us.  

Nov. 6

A friend asks if I can find some less expensive bowls as they would like to begin with one and trust my selection, but can’t afford a $100+ bowl. I had not found a source I liked that was consistent, but the next night I go online and discover a new vendor with bowls that are affordable. I buy several and then discuss a few others with him and buy some more. I am pretty amazed that it happens like this, but it does. The Universe does want to answer our intentions.

 We have been given spirit engaged in a body in the heart of each of us. We have incarnated. Christ, Buddha and many others show us that we are divine embodiment. They realized it and could “show”. We too have that ability. No limits. No limits. Only freedom.

Nov. 5

I asked for Guidance for the Day, one that I could post. Here’s the  guidance:

It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of the day. Try to step back at various times. Maybe when you sit down for lunch or before or after a phone call, and reflect on something beautiful or wonderful to you — your child or partner, a piece of art, the Divine, a tree or flower. Consider it a moment of inspiration and expansion.

You are no longer limited to circumstances or things, you are integral to the rest of Creation to all of Creation — a pretty magnificent role. Think of kaleidoscopes, how when one piece shifts as you turn the viewer, everything changes in design and color. You are just like that, shifting the pattern of the Universe and you are just as beautiful.

Nov. 4

The web site is up! Yay! It’s very odd, I can feel I am  public now. I can actually feel other people “touching” — how interesting. I’m curious to see whether people have questions, are interested, etc.  On to new adventures. In the meantime, the bowls have asked for a new configuration in how they are placed together. The rose quartz/white gold alchemy bowl and the sunstone are more integrated as a result and some new sequences are emerging. Prior to this, the rose quartz/white gold and sunstone bowls were more removed, playing only with emerald really. They are both of a more refined vibration than the other bowls so that we had to find our way into integration and harmony.  They’re mixing things up more now.

Nov. 3

Here’s how things have been working out. I went to Angel House today to meet Carol and discuss the event on Dec 12 there. I brought all the crystal bowls and some of the Tibetans to give her an intro to them. As I drove up, I thought I should have asked her to invite a few people to hear them. I bring the bowls in to meet her, and she listens and then says, “We have a group coming tonight, would you be willing to play for them, as part of a guided visualization. I say sure. It’s 5 pm, and they’ll come around 7. So we get some Chinese takeout. Tina arrives, who is going to do the meditation and shamanic journey with Carol. Carol explains about the bowls.  Tina’s game for it, so we go ahead. The group arrives and Tina does the guided meditation while I play the bowls. We end that and when it’s time to do the shamanic journey, Carol asks the group if they would like to do it to the bowls or drums. The group requests the bowls and off we go again. People talked about seeing colors, taking a journey, meeting a guide, and seeming to go to sleep, but not be asleep. We all had a great time, with the willingness to be spontaneous. Who knows what adventure is next for the bowls?!

Nov. 2 – All Soul’s Day

I continue to be given lots of confirmation to move forward with this work. People express to me what they receive from the sessions. People refer me to others. They join my mailing list. A bus driver gives me testimony to have heart and trust when I am the only passenger late at night. One engagment doesn’t work out and within minutes (literally 30 minutes one day) I am gifted with another opportunity. Unexpected venues arise — a Rotary luncheon that was great fun, a yacht club(?!). Who knows what will arrive next. I am given new insights when I play. So much feels guided and right. I have never felt like this in my work before. Most would say I am taking risks. When I stop and think about it, look at it from a certain perspective I would agree. But when I am in the flow of it, it seems so well-guided and supported that I have no worries at all. Financially even, this enterprise is developing. I am being en-couraged by many. I have all of you to thank. Thank you. Thank you truly and deeply. You make this possible as much as I do.  I am no stranger to work in many forms. I have been employed by businesses and then doing my own communications consulting for corporations for 17 years. I have also been a professional metalsmith, a poet, artist, mystic and dreamer. Somehow the sounds and bowls have created something different for me. They have coalesced my spiritual, artistic/poetic side with harmonies I would never have dreamed could be so beautiful and moving. I am offered: “Don’tstruggle so much with yourself. Take what you learn from the bowls. Harmonize. Joy, joy, joy.

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