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January 5, 2010

Jan. 24

I have decided to change content on this blog and provide articles on my thoughts about certain subjects, e.g. resonance, sonar, the possibility of a sonic aura, etc.  I intend to present the first article soon, and wanted to explain my absence from these pages. If you have topics you would like me to cover or if you have enjoyed the current format please let me know.  Thank you.

Jan. 9

I sit for a long time and just play one bowl. It is deep and melodic. I listen for the layers of sound. One bowl is all you need. However, when combined with other bowls, the layers and combinations meld, so you don’t know where they’re coming from or where they will emerge to.  

Jan. 7

More stem bowls arrive, with two for sale. These are amazing with their sound. C, F, A – a melodic combination.  

Jan. 6 Epiphany

What’s important to me in this journey may not be important to you. I often try to make sense of the differences between people, yet I return to the sense of connection.  Epiphany, a time of great insights. This is the day in the Church calendar when the Magi found the Christ child and honored him. After this Jesus is no longer anonymous and change is imminent as the family flees to Egypt to save the child’s life. Dreams, astrologers, irate kings — great story. I am sorting through what and how to develop things this year. Another CD to plan, work in hospitals, teaching, more work with resonance.  

Jan. 5

Need to go play the bowls.

Jan. 4

I arrive home in a snowstorm. Not too surprising for Cleveland at this time of year. The bowls are glad to be home. 

Jan. 3

We had a drumming circle last night and I played one of the bowls, a nice deep one (Androgynous Indium, G#). Gene plays his Kyanite/Citrine/Indium B bowl and they make a nice complement. I am introduced to Song Pods, hand-held metal shells that you rotate to make beautiful chime sounds. You can find them at . Today, I played for our other host and did the session with my friend Barb, who put stones all around this woman and on her, etc.  The woman had made an intention as we began the session as I usually suggest, and it came in strongly, very strongly at one point– literally pushing it into her body. One new sequence which uses 5 bowls varies itself incredibly in this session and plays a long time and is so rich, I don’t know what to make of it except that I keep on playing. At the end, there is a point where it feels like the end, yet I get the sense to continue. I don’t know where that comes from either, but all the bowls wanted to play and had not yet. So I continued. I mention this and Barb said she had felt the energies leave and I had stoppped and then continued. She hadn’t been sure what to make of that, but at least I had confirmed that a shift did occur. Perhaps our recipient wanted more (I usually do!) and that’s why the session continued; perhaps all the bowls wanted to play. Interesting. What I do know is that the work is powerful.These two days confirm the importance of  individual work as well as the group sessions.

Jan. 2

We arrive at the retreat center, which is a beautiful horse farm in Kentucky. As I set out the bowls, one woman picks them up and asks which bowls are for which chakras or how do you pick a bowls. I say “The bowl picks you.” Which is usually the case. She selects a beauty — a warm, rich bowl. We do sessions throughout the day being givers and recipients. I am a recipient for a woman who works with tuning forks and another who works with inaudible sound, like the dolphins’ sonar. I can feel the dolphin frequencies from her, and the tuning forks are cool, b/c they are so clearly “felt”. I later play for one of our hosts, who goes very deep. She cannot believe how wonderful it is. I know too the bowls are blessing their land. Later I play for the group as the lasagna gets slightly burnt by our inattention to it when everybody zones out. The concert ends with the master bowl from the Bon monks and Rose Quartz/White Gold Alchemy — this combination is both shamanic and sweet. People are always amazed by the bowls. I am amazed. I hope to be always amazed.

January 1, 2010

Who would have thought I’d really be here! 2010! I play for these people I’ve known 30 years. One comes up later and says the crystal bowls were too sharp for her, but she liked the Tibetan bowls. I’ve heard this a couple of times before. I know I get sensitive to certain frequencies. I’d like to know more about this. The 20 year olds come up and are very interested. They play them, I tell my story how I got into them.  I had wondered if the one with the rock ‘n roll bands would find them interesting. It seems he does somewhat, but the one who’s been a musician much of his life is quite intrigued. Now an animator, perhaps they will be a point of inspiration. Another who is a statistician, but whose mother is into alternative therapies, is also intrigued. Then I’m off to Cincinnati to meet friends and leave for Kentucky.