One year anniversary

May 1 is just days away. Last year, I was making plans to visit Mt. Shasta, CA, unsure of what the future would hold. But I knew I needed to return there. The mountain had called me, and I knew I had to see and hear the bowls again too. Cleveland was in an economic spiral free fall. I knew I couldn’t stand still and survive. Fear makes you want to freeze, before fight or flight claims you. You want to expand the nanoseconds of time before being slammed against the wall you believe is waiting for you.

Freelance work taught me the best lesson more than 18 years ago when I started out. I thought I would walk to the end of a cliff and fall off, given the level of risk going out on your own can feel like. I felt myself walking forward and wondered if I would know as I approached the edge, or would I just drop? Then I realized there was no cliff. In fact, for me, it seemed that the feel of the landscape was more of a shifting underfoot, like a bog, where you have to stay light on your feet and keep moving. To stay in one place in such an environment guarantees you will sink. So I knew I needed to keep moving. Heading to Mt. Shasta was just an opening move, where it would lead me, I had no idea.

Where it led me to inevitably was the gem crystal bowls of Crystal Tones and Bev Wilson in Mt. Shasta at the Middle Earth Crystal Room. That trip was the beginning of this adventure and venture of Re-Sounding Joy. And so on May 1 this year, when I am at the Unity Spiritual Center’s Open House “Let Your Spirit Soar” I will remember last year’s May Day and I will say “thank you” to all of you with all of my heart. And so it is.

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