Playing with sound here and in Ithaca

Days later from May 1 and the first anniversary of the bowls. The challenge is tell what is important in all that has occurred. On  May 1, I was graced with being part of Unity of Westlake’s Open House. The day was beautiful and the concert amazing even to me, who can’t always tell, because I am in another time and space with the bowls. Then May 4, the 40th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State, a day I always remember for its proximity in my life, I was playing at Trinity Cathedral for the Labyrinth walk. For me it was an inspiring memorial service. For such times are for the living and where we will proceed as well as a tribute to those who have passed. The next day brought a visitor and soon we were off to a workshop with Deena Spear in Ithaca, NY. I suggest you look up her amazing work with sound and many other things on . She has introduced me to the power of sound with Hebrew, and she encourages me to work with my bowls to find my own way as well. Wow. Then I play for a job search training program at another Unity Church. Amazing stuff happening right and left. And so it goes.

Perhaps what I should mention is the evolution of the sequences I’m playing now. Initially it was two or three bowls. Then, it was say five bowls in a certain order, sometimes with reversals to shift the sounds. Then it became six bowls in a specific order. Now I am playing six or seven bowls with no known order, only what’s guided. The arrangements shift constantly, so they are completely involved with the people and space I am playing with. Whereas, the whole concert was initially guided and I didn’t know how sequences or bowls might be played, now even the sequences are spontaneously evolving within themselves. This is truly amazing. What is also happening is that the Tibetans serve as “bridges” between the gem crystal bowls and then have their own sequences at times. The emergence and evolution that is occurring is awe-producing and inspiring. This is a gift, a grace.

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