You Tube video available

I keep meaning to post my second YouTube to this blog, so finally on a holiday weekend I get around to it. Take a look: This video shows more of the new way I’m playing, but since this was made, more bowls have been added to the ensemble and guidance for playing has emerged with unconstructed sequences. Since the Mitch Nur workshop I have been working more with the Himalayan bowls again too. The relationship between the gem crystal bowls and the metal bowls is very interesting. Often the Himalayan bowls come in with a beat to maintain. Yesterday, one of my senior metal bowls insisted on being part of a crystal bowl sequence. It was a bit tricky playing, given the reach required, but I loved how the Himalayan’s thrice struck  beat came in after three crystal bowls’ harmony. Also a woman was in the audience who told me how she’s always seen colors (much like I’ve heard sounds) and she was looking for music yesterday. She asked me to play two bowls I don’t “normally” play together — Sunstone “D” and Grandfather Smokey Quartz “C”. They must be in different octaves because they worked well together. This morning they led to a new sequence that has my attention. 

This week I get to play for a group of Indian women. I am going to be fed homemade Indian goodies! Yum! I am glad to live in the 21st century where I can sample delicious foods from around the world. Have I met a food I didn’t like? Tripe comes to mind, but it’s a cultural thing I think.

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