Grandmother and Grandfather bowls

Each of the bowls with me has its own beingness. I refer to the bowls as “him” or “her.” Definitely some are more masculine or feminine, some seem to switch. They are forms of consciousness for me, not objects, not musical instruments. In a similar way, I could never refer to crystals with me as “tools.” That seemed to objectif them, and make them something I directed or managed. Most of us who ahve worked with stones and crystals would recognize the foolishness of that comment. Crystals have consciousness, and we are fortunate when we enter into a relationship with them. What transpires from that relationship transforms all. This is a true statement for the bowls as well.

So let me talk about the bowls. I’ll begin with Grandmother, because she was the first Crystal Tones bowl I purchased. She’s a beauty with her glorious peach color, which comes from the oxidation of iron, for she is a bowl of iron and quartz.  Grandmother has the strength of iron, with deep earth wisdom and an association with us humans from an early age in our development. My Grandmother bowl is 7 inches in diameter with an F# tone (and more). I wanted to sing to the angels when I bought her. I felt she would bring greater clarity with her voice than my Himalayan bowls could and reach into higher ranges. All that is true, yet it is her warmth that always appeals to me. She chimes in with so many of the bowls, taking them into new dimensions with her addition. She lives up to her namesake. When I thought I would only have one bowl, she was my choice.  

One of the next bowls I purchased four months later was Grandfather, which didn’t surprise me. He is not of iron however. He is Smokey Quartz opaque. An 8-inch bowl, his note is C. Smokey Quartz clear and  Smokey Quartz opaque have two different qualities of sound. For me the clear bowls are just that , clear and direct. The opaque bowls are embracing, like being cocooned gently with a cozy blanket. Grandfather is the one bowl I have that matches up with the musical note chakra chart and gem material. I am especially fond of smokey quartz stones as friends will tell you. The first expensive stone I ever purchased was a Tibetan smokey quartz. I saw it from a distance, made a beeline to that stone and wouldn’t let it out of my hand. Luckily it did not cost as much as I expected when I heard it was from Tibet. In any case. I consider smokey quartz to be a very grounding stone (although never let a “grounding” quality in persons or stones fool you, they can ascend too!). Match that quality up with its C note, which aligns to the root chakra on the charts, and you have an easy grounding presence.

In general with the gem crystal bowls, I don’t ascribe much to the notes and the chakra chart. That quality may be there or the gem stone may override it, or the octave the bowl is in may shift its energy. The Crystal Tone bowls which incorporate gems, such as rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and metals like iron directly into the make-up of the bowl create a multi-dimensional quality. You’re welcome to define the bowls, their roles and interactions with you and others, but for me they are limitless and point us to our own freedom.  These short descriptions are meant to simply provide you with my exploration of the bowls. Please discover the wonders first-hand.  

I’ll continue the descriptions of the bowls later. I have a number of friends for you to meet.

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