Indium and emerald bowls

Along with smokey quartz, indium and emerald joined the mix next.

Indium, which is #49 on the Periodic Table I’m told, is a metal. Used in the computer industry, it’s combined with phosphorous in high-power and high-frequency electronics because of its superior electron velocity with respect to the more common semiconductor silicon. Indium  phosphide (or InP as the combo is known) also is useful for optoelectronic devices likelaser diodes. Now, it’s also used as a substrate for certain opto-electronic devices (that would be i-phones, and such).  This clear bowl has a gorgeous blue bordering on purple color with an iridescent sheen. It was discovered in zinc ore in 1863, because of this blue color in its spectrometry. I fell in love with its color and deep voice (G# lower octave). Many people come up after a concert asking about it, thinking it could be amethyst. Blending beautifully as a base and bass in many of the combination, it tunes well to the Smokey Quartz, although these days, it  seems to have an affinity to the D# Diamond bowl it sits next to.

And Emerald! The surprise bowl for me. The Indium bowl I wanted was paired with an emerald opaque. You could tell. But the emerald opaque wouldn’t speak to me. So finally I asked the Indium bowl and its current partner, if they were willing to be separated. They were. I had assumed a citrine bowl would be next. But after gaining the consent of both bowls, I glanced over my shoulder, and there was this clear Emerald bowl, which called. So I brought it over and it was and is magnificent with the Indium bowl. Its note is E, before it moves into other pools of sound.

I now had four bowls. I carried Emerald nestled in the Indium, in a box in a shopping bag onto the airplane with Grandfather riding on my back in a backpack. I told the attendants I had several thousand dollars worth of crystal bowls and needed to make sure I had overhead compartment space for them. The attendants paved the way as tho I was bringing Tiffany’s on board.  

When I reached home, all I wanted to do was play them. I didn’t care when or where. Now was better than later. So I went to the farmer’s market that Saturday, and a friend displaying jewelry shared her booth with me. The sound wafted out into the air, and while many couldn’t hear it, I know it went on the waves of the Universe into forever.

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