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Sunstone and RoseQuartz/White Gold

August 18, 2010

Sunstone and Rose quartz/White gold were surprising additions. I headed back to Mt. Shasta in Sept. 2009 to meet with Bev and firm up our business relationship as well as report on how my work was going so far and seek insights. I had told myself — no more bowls. Who was I kidding?

I went on this trip alone, and saw Bev the first day I arrived. She had to immediately show me the latest additions — Sunstone, Yagna ash and Imperial topaz, along with Lepidichrosite and Appophyllite. I had in my bag some Phenacite for her to see if a bowl could be made from that for my friend Gene Jackson, The Crystal Guy ( ).

Well, holding Sunstone in my hands, I knew she was mine. I tried to find a Yagna ash bowl to go with her. The mystery and depth inherent in the Yagna ash bowl from its Vedic fire ceremony was incredible. Alas, no bowl matched the lightness and beauty of Sunstone. Then Bev said, “Wait a minute.” and went to the back room. She handed me the Rose quartz/White gold bowl and to hear the two of them sing transported you into celestial realms. Amazing.

When I returned home with them I found out what a great addition they are. They elevated all the other bowls. The two of them linked with the Emerald bowl as well and created this magnificent heart sequence. Later the Rose quartz/White gold bowl would become an integral piece in several sequences– the first one linked its G note with Citrine’s A# to Grandfather Smokey quartz’ C then Indium’s lower octave G# and Diamond’s D#. This became the first time I could play five bowls in a melody.

Sunstone and Rose quartz/White gold continue to elevate and transport sound in magical way for me and my listeners. They opened the doors to increasing the range of sound that could be expressed. And then more miracles appeared.