Season of Transition

The leaves color and fall, and we gather the last tomatoes before the frost bites them first. Autumn reminds us, as clearly as spring does, that life changes. Three breaths can apply the shift of this season to our own well-being.  

When I begin a meditation concert these days, I ask the group to take three breaths with me before I begin. This practice centers each of us, unifies our breath, and creates some stillness for us all. Since spring, I’ve been focusing on the season in which the concert is performed.

This autumn, I have been noting that this is a season of transition. On the first breath, I suggest that we invite that shift into ourselves with an inhalation and then exhale that sense of welcomed change out into the world. I also recognize that this is a time of harvest — to breathe that sensibility in and then release that abundance back into the world. And for the third breath, I recall that with abundance is a sense of gratitude and to inhale that appreciation deeply and then send that thankfulness back out to the world.

Whether I am in a public library, a senior center or a church, I do this practice. The sense of calm that occurs after the last breath is palpable. I can feel the audience now waiting for the first sound of the first bowl. And when I begin all of our breath can be carried with the melodious tones of the bowls deep within us and out into the world.

This simple practice allows change to be integrated more comfortably. We rest and relax with the sounds and our breath. Resistance is diminished, because its role is unnecessary when ease is present.

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