Sitting with a Bowl

Some people might consider it odd to see me simply sitting with a singing bowl in my lap. Perhaps it is. Odd or not, it is a great pleasure you should try if you own a bowl. Or hold one in a store sometime, and wait a minute before asking it to sing.

Without even playing the bowl, you can relax with its beauty, consciousness, and yes sound. You may learn things you have never  heard with the bowl before. Enjoy that time together.

To sit with a bowl means to enter into a place of stillness. And we all know what can happen when we become still. Nothing. Or maybe a moment of wonder or an insight or more stillness.

People sometimes say to me, “This bowl is quiet.” And I think that can be a good thing. We may need to simply let it be and show respect for that “inactivity.” Perhaps it is quiet, perhaps shy or renewing itself with a bit of rest. Maybe we can learn to move a little more slowly too, even take time to rest a while ourselves. 

Maybe we spend more time listening.  Becoming still. Letting go.

Sit with a bowl. Hold it lovingly. Breathe.

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