Gaining Spaciousness

Have you ever been in a car, come to an open field and decided to get out and walk? What did you feel? Spaciousness.

How do we create that sense in our everyday lives? Well, I believe one way is by playing the bowls and feeling a “clear”-ing taking place, an opening into ourselves and the world around us that didn’t seem to exist before. Our possibilities just feel bigger, wider, more limitless.

Truly, we should feel limitless. We bind ourselves continually. We live within structures, with particular expectations, formulas and roles. We do the predictable and acceptable not out of concern that we not harm others, but because that is the conventional way of life. And we create boundaries so that others can’t infringe upon us, but what are we protecting? If we were filled with joy (or compassion for that matter), who could hurt us?

So let’s look for ways to gain that feeling of spaciousness, of being bigger and wider than we generally feel we are. Then let’s see how long we can maintain that sensibility.

We can take a first step easily. Clean out a drawer or a closet of things you don’t use. Walk outside, breathe the air and look at the sky to get lost in it. Sing sounds loudly in a room and feel how big your voice gets (who’s singing?). Or play a bowl.

If you try this, you’ll start to find what you’re attached to and maybe even discover why it’s this and not that. I have recently discovered I am attached to nostalgia. I thought I was keeping objects because they were gifts from friends and represented them in some way or our relationship. But it was the memory prompt of good times, not the friends per se. I still have those friends, or if not, I know that this object is not my friend or friendship. So let me release it, and feel the increased dimensions of the new and unknown. Nothing’s lost, I just gained some space.

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