‘Tis the season for wonder and joy. I was reading an article recently that stated that awe was the emotion that can change us the most. As an example, students asked to describe themselves and shown majestic natural scenes or impressive artwork were more descriptive about themselves than those given the question and situated in a nondescript room.

We don’t generally look for awe, it finds us. A baby’s smile, the Grand Canyon, a touching gesture, cathedral windows… awe shows up in small and big sizes. It requires us to push the “refresh” button in our brain and our heart.

Sometimes, we prefer to run on auto-pilot. We think that’s comfort and security. Then pain finds us, but it could as easily be awe on our GPS screen. Suffering is the sledgehammer that wakes us up; awe is the awareness that offers delight, inspiration and a big helping of majesty.

I find awe in the singing bowls constantly. They are always surprising me. And they do the same for others.

I have recently been conducting classes on Sensing the Consciousness of a Bowl. I suggest people sit with a singing bowl. Experience its vibratory presence, its voice, its consciousness. And people do. Even people who have had a bowl for a long time tell me that the bowl is different after the experience of simply sitting with it.

So let’s keep in harmony with the season. Enjoy a little awe and wonder.

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