Quiet Celebration

At this time of year, when many of us are buzzing about trying to run errands, bake goodies, wrap gifts and attend festive events, we get stressed by all the things that “have to” be done. Yet maybe they don’t. Why not just focus on a few things and take deep joy in them? Why not  have compassion for fellow travellers on the road or in the stores and be patient? Why not schedule a get-together with a friend in January or February, instead of cramming in one more event? Why worry about a gift, if the person already knows you love him/her?

So, for this holiday season, consider:

  • reading spiritual texts (pick your favorite) daily if possible
  • taking a brisk walk to be outside in nature
  • meditating for a few minutes to clear the chatter each day
  • eating vegetables and nourishing food as well as a few treats
  • and, of course, listening to or playing a singing bowl.

Happy Season of the Solstice and New Year!

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