The Other Side of the Bowls

Last night I played for a group of people at a library, always one of my favorite venues. I never know who is going to show up or what to expect. The Saturday before that I was on the top floor of an apartment building in bright sunshine where I could look out over most of the city — gorgeous. And during and after these events I get to talk with people about the bowls — my experiences and theirs — more fun.

And then there’s sales tax. 

Having just completed it for the state of Ohio yet again, I remember that this is the part of Re-Sounding Joy most of you will never see. Let me tell you, it’s checking it once, it’s checking it twice. While I have worked for banks for loads of years, I always assure people that the banks never let me near the money or asked me to calculate the numbers, just report them and just the facts.

Doing mathematics and recording things does make me feel responsible. And I like to be responsible. It’s similar to courtesy, which several people have clearly forgotten, being responsible makes everyone’s life easier. So I write receipts and total them up, so I can sell bowls another day to people who are as delighted by the sounds they create  as I am.  

Luckily, sales tax will not dawn in my world again for six months. And I am learning an accounting software program that I hope will do these calculations automatically, if I input everything the way it would like. And if the software doesn’t like my methods, who knows what might happen next! Something very logical, I’m sure.

So that’s the other side of the bowls. Maybe, next I’ll talk about making “cold calls” to people who’ve never met me to try and book a program… “Singing bowls???” “Yes, I play singing bowls. Buddhist monks have used them for hundreds of years (oh please don’t hang up, I haven’t gotten to the fun physics part yet)…

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