What’s Changing — Everything

We continue to believe that we are solid masses moving around this planet. We consider things to be somewhat static or permanent, yet we watch ourselves grow and age and change. We think there is some certainty in our lives, like our job will be there tomorrow. And then something as drastic as the shift in Egypt occurs, and we reconsider our beliefs.

Our beliefs are built on information we process. Most information comes to us through our five senses. We expect it to be reliable once we translate it through our mind or emotions. Yet we know that some of the best knowledge we ever received didn’t come to us through interpretation. It came from “experiencing” something directly.

Direct experience is one of the best aspects of the singing bowls. People relate a variety of responses to and experiences with the bowls. I don’t question what people present, and I don’t try to interpret what happens.

Playing the bowls and creating sound, I do note to people that everything is vibration, nothing is solid. Everything is changing, always, and you can feel it. Every cell, every atom in your body at this very moment is gyrating and so is every other atom around you. Each little part of your being is creating a frequency, a sound and so are the bigger elements around you. In turn, your frequencies respond to those that contact  them.

It’s easy to show with the bowls. I start a bowl singing and bring it near to a person. They may feel the vibration in their body. They definitely feel it if they bring a hand close to the bowl or touch it with a fingertip. Plenty of people get a small “shock” from the vibrating bowl and are surprised, even though they’ve watched six or seven get “shocked” before them.  

They also hear how the sound can change if the wave lengths are shortened or elongated. I simply have someone put two hands close to the bowl and then pull them further away. Suddenly, vibration takes on a new meaning. It’s an energy that can be shifted and is not static or permanent. That energy is contained in us, is us.

What’s changing? Everything. Welcome to experiencing more about sound, vibration and frequency.

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