Snow — clear space

Once again, Cleveland, Ohio and the force of Nature meet in the white aisle of winter. More than 12 inches in my driveway, and it’s up to me to carve my way out. To tell you the truth, I like shoveling. After doing Tai Chi for several years, I learned how not to torque my back when I get out there to meet the elements. 

This task is one that requires me to pay attention, do it in any way that I like, but get it done. I often make the drive really clean — not just two tracks for my tires to follow. It’s very satisfying to have a clean drive, like sweeping the walk, much can be said about the detail to clear space.

Clear space and going within is where all this talk of snow leads to. A heavy can keep you indoors, especially if you’re not required to be somewhere.  And clear space is what the bowls offer. The sound they create sweeps away the extraneous. We can focus, not in an intellectual way perhaps, yet wholly engaged, we find our way to new discoveries, unexpected openings in our consciousness.  

When we can, it’s good to make the time to find some clear space. It may be with bowls or it may be a walk in Nature. Anything that allows our mind and emotions to expand and feel that sense of freedom. Try sweeping the walk to your house or its steps. It all works.

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