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listening well

June 22, 2011

Recently, I was with a  person who is going blind. Being with someone who is distinctly different from me makes me pause. First, I wanted to know the extent of his sight. He said he could see some variations in light, but they were pretty minimal. He relied on voices and touch to guide him.

He loved the sound of the bowls and their vibration. He handled them reverently and listened closely to them. Clearly, he was tuning in to them. When I see that, I also believe that the person is being attuned. We gain a reflection of ourselves when we listen well, or perhaps we are just expanding our experience of awareness, which is limitless.

I have watched other people pick up shiny bowls, attracted by their looks. Sometimes, I encourage people to try the older, not so pretty ones with their deep resonance and complex tones. I didn’t have to say a word to this guy. It was all about listening for him.

Sight was dimming for him, but sound was not. And he was a great listener. When I spoke with him, I felt he was fully engaged. I had a sense that all of him was listening, like a radar dish, not just his ears. Clearly he was drinking in the conversation, unconcerned with visual distractions. But something more was occurring. Hearing and listening was in a different dimension for him.

The bowls always take me to other dimensions of myself and elsewhere it seems. I am exploring simply being aware these days. Resting in awareness and being active in it. But sometimes it’s easier to just close my eyes and experience what I feel or sense. I think this guy has already learned that lesson. I’m taking notes.