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Emanating sounds

July 11, 2011

I knew for a long time, hearing the sounds that I do, that I was a receiver so to speak. I found it interesting to get “signals” that I wasn’t intentionally requesting. My dial was just set to the right number.

At some point, I realized that if I was a receiver I must also be a transmitter. Otherwise, how could the sounds locate me?

But I wondered what was I transmitting?

People who work with light, talk about surrounding themselves with white light or golden light or working with the violet ray. I don’t know many people who work with sound, but we talk about “attuning.”

For me, that doesn’t mean I hum or attune to “middle C,” it means I somehow launch a part of my consciousness into space feeling its flightpath. And, as inexplicable as the trajectory is, that dispatch always seems to find its target. I don’t know how, but it does. I don’t second-guess myself on this.

I also attune to a group or an individual when I play the bowls. Somehow, I get a “read” on my audience or client – nothing verbal, just a felt sense, and then my core and the bowls know just what to do. I let myself be guided, and try not to insert my preferences or will. This trust seems to work, so the fact that I don’t have more information or analysis or interpretation I just have to let go of all that reasoning,. And so does my audience when they ask me how it works, and I say with all honesty, “I don’t know.”

So, as I explore this quality of attunement, in meditation the other day, I noticed that sound was emanating from me. Not that anyone else could have heard it, and not that even I really “heard” it, but I knew sound was moving from inside me to outside me. This was yet another development.

Prior to this genesis, I had noticed that sound had become veil-like, moving into and out of my physical body in these curtain waves that reminded me of the aurora borealis. And since the sounds I experience have evolved from a high-pitched straight line through my head to bell-like spheres several feet away and then to clouds surrounding me, this veil-like quality simply seemed like the latest version. Until now, and these sounds that emerge from within me to outside of me.

I’ll continue to explore what these emanations bring and whether I am able to hear them, or others are, and what they may sound like.  Stay tuned.