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Selecting Bowls for Sale

February 29, 2012

Was it a month ago I was in sunny Tucson — looking at antique singing bowls? True enough.

I was on a quest to see what I could find at the International Gem and Mineral Show. I knew of one company that was often there, so I thought there had to be more. I wanted the best for the people I meet who are looking to connect with singing bowls. The first day there I was disappointed. One woman had some large bowls, but they weren’t that well-made, and she wanted too much for them. Just like Goldilocks, the next bowls I found were too cold.

Finally at the end of the second day, I found some I liked. When the third day’s shopping began, one booth had such a fabulous selection that I just sat down and started playing every single bowl this lovely young Nepalese woman  had.

In the first hour, she offered me a cushion to sit on. After the second hour, she brought me hot water. And when I finally showed her the 27 bowls I’d chosen, she asked if I had a car. I didn’t, but I was only about a mile away. So, with my backpack and a couple of bags I felt I could get them to my hotel in two trips, which is what I did. (Although my arms complained the next day.)

Choosing bowls was fascinating. Playing each one and listening to its voice was a great pleasure to me. It was only when I couldnit choose all them, that decision-making got tough. Still, I made my decisions, schlepped ’em back to the room, and was thrilled to have so many beauties.