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New Sound Mandalas Emerge

March 8, 2012

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the kind where time seems to spread out before you like a crisp white tablecoth with the possibility of delicious things to appear. And delicious things did appear in the form of sounds. A new mandala had come forth late  last summer for a cancer retreat group, a few days before I performed it. The mandala had clearly made itself known so that I would play it for this group. Quite lovely and somewhat more complex in its pattern, it felt both calming and inspirational. Something about it made me think of a lullaby, with its unmistakable soothing quality.

I’m sure there are sound musical structural reasons why lullabies can magically lull even anxious babies into ease, but with my lack of musical background, that is lost on me. Still, it’s not tough to notice when a pattern is comforting.

So, I was a bit surprised when on this wonderful Saturday morning, a similar pattern emerged. After it did, I realized I would be playing for a corporate audience that week on Valentine’s Day and had been asked to play notes that resonated with the heart. Well, this mandala did — it offered comfort.  And I think this to be a time when comfort is sorely needed.

These two sound mandalas are reflections to me that I have calmed down and am not in the rush I once was. I’m finding this ease very beneficial. What better way to open one’s heart?