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Blogging for Bowls

May 14, 2012

Or should I say slogging? I just don’t have the breezy style of some of the bloggers I admire most. Although I noticed my favorite Mexican food blogger has been quiet a while. I have the feeling she must be writing her book finally.

My favorites also have the advantage of fabulous photos. Again, I mostly subscribe to food and travel bloggers. Maybe I should try subscribing to writing bloggers and then not feel so bad.

In any case, I’d taken a hiatus from blogging. No one was reading, I wasn’t playing, and to be honest, I was barely keeping my head above the waters of workaholism.

It’s the curse of free-lancing.¬†You¬†either have nothing to do, and so you sit and play Sudoku for hours, or spend several hours trawling the internet or thinking about cleaning the house while you trawl the internet or you’re working your butt off to meet deadlines and client requests.

So when do I have time to blog? It’s currently 10:44 pm on a Sunday evening. This is when I can blog.

Tomorrow as I scribble away for one of my clients know that I will be endeavoring to think up some clever way with great photos to catch your attention about singing bowls. Perhaps if I was in Provence in a field of lavender with my bowls and some fresh vegan dish dripping with tomato sauce, truffles and cheese, maybe then I’d get some notice.