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October 18, 2012

I am always amazed by the bowls. First, their composition — whether they are the gem-infused ones or the old metal ones — is a wonder. With the gem-infused ones, the gems or metals must be crushed with the quartz and then fired at 4,000 degrees in a centrifugal mold. And for the metal ones, since I use hand-forged ones, the alloy has to be “raised” into a bowl with countless hammerings and heatings to keep the metal pliable enough to form. Then, once we get beyond compostion, it is the sounds they create that just stop me.

Sometimes now I try to play with a bit more silence in between notes or chords I create. I want to linger and listen and absorb. And isn’t silence a sound all its own? Or do we even know silence?

Of course, the gorgeous melodies at this time of year just reinforce all the colors outside and their concerts. I learned recently that the active production of chlorophyll, which makes the leaves look green to us, only “masks” the colors underneath. Those colors are there all along, but until the chlorophyll production slows, due to reduced sunlight, the true colors don’t emerge. Some wonderful metaphors there!

In any case, I am just glad to play the bowls and surprised by the offering and opportunity the Universe gave me with them. Not generally a very humble person, I am pretty astonished that after I play my usual feeling is one of humility, that it wasn’t me playing, it was all of us who created that resonant experience.