The Art of Listening

As always the bowls have more to teach me. Sometimes, it happens when I play them. At other times, people’s responses to hearing them create new discoveries for me. And sometimes, it’s in the phone calls or emails I receive.

Lately, more people are calling. They find me online, someone gives them my name and number, or they were at a concert. I realize I have a public presence now more than any time in the past, but still it surprises me. And I think, what do I have to give them?

They call for a number of reasons — they want to buy a bowl; they want to know more about them; they just feel a connection… the list goes on. Of course, I enjoy that they’re interested in one of my favorite subjects, and I’m intrigued by their questions. Sometimes I have some helpful information. Sometimes we just share the question and the not knowing. Sometimes I just listen, because that’s what’s needed.

The bowls have enhanced my listening. Once you realize that you “hear” with your whole body (as the bowls taught me), not just your ears, listening takes on another level of meaning and quality.

What a small and monumental state at the same time listening is. And what a gift in a busy season.

May you listen well to what is said and also what can be heard and to what is not said and may not be audible. And may you receive the same.


One Response to “The Art of Listening”

  1. muddsister1 Says:

    Thank you. I used to be a better listener and have of late let my mind wander too often. I needed to be reminded to enjoy the peace listening can bring.

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