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Do you hear what I hear?

March 27, 2013

I hear sounds that others don’t seem to. This has been happening for a long time. I was a child when I first heard them. At that time, the sounds were high-pitched. One would laser through my head in a line from my right temple to my left and out again. Another type of sound would come into my right ear at an angle. It seemed to have a different pitch.

People tell me that they have heard sounds. Some think it’s tinnitus. Some have received that diagnosis but don’t believe it or feel there’s more information to be had.

I suggest that people listen. This was the guidance I was given more than ten years ago. Over the years, the sounds have changed for me. I have heard them as bells, similar to the crystal bowls I play. Now I have the sense of gentle waves over my entire body, not just focused on my ears. And, as I say to audiences, “We hear with our whole body, not just our ears. Think of a jackhammer.”

Our bodies respond to vibrations all the time. We’re meant to, we’re tuned to resonate. But we are such a visual culture, and we stay in our heads so much that we don’t allow ourselves to relax and listen and feel.

Why not give yourself ten minutes even, to slow down. Listen to your breath or your heartbeat, the wind outside. See how quiet your home really is. Or is the fridge humming, the furnace or air conditioner blowing? Are there birds lilting in the yard, windchimes pinging on the porch, mowers trimming the lawn next door, cars skidding down the street?

And what do you savor in this moment of greater quiet?