ULE – Metaphysical Disneyland

I’m wrapping and packing for the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, which opens Sat. Oct 12 at 9 am, which means most of us vendors are putting our booths together on Friday afternoon. I ordered some gorgeous, antique Remuna bowls (see previous post) and some new cast or turned bowls, which are a bit of a departure for me. the new bowls I found have good quality sound and are in a lower price point for my customers. Finding any bowl of a decent size (5 to 6 inches) that I can retail under $80 is a challenge. Costs are understandable since the price of metals is up. I remember buying my first bowl at ULE from the Tibetan monks. The hall was so noisy I couldn’t even hear the bowl in my hand, but I could feel its vibration move up my arm. I loved it. That was the start. This feels like only the early middle, so who knows what will happen next?! Anyway, come to the Expo yourself, it’s colorful, crazy and loaded with crystals (and some terrific bowls!). Lots of free seminars are available (including one on singing bowls at 5:30 pm on Sat.). The Buddhist monks will be making a sand mandala throughout Sat. and Sun. Good food. Let’s see, how else can I entice you? Did I mention beautiful, wonderful, magical singing bowls? Image 

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