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The Big Ones are Here — Jambatis

June 23, 2014

Jambatis are the big singing bowls. They have a deeper, richer sound because of their size.  Until December, I owned just one at a 10 3/4 inch diameter, which sang a throaty  bass OM. I had three others at 9+ inches, and although beautiful in their quality of sound, they never had the depth of this larger one. Just for the record, I generally consider jambatis to be bowls that are more than 8 inches in diameter, with 10 1/2 to 12 inches being standard. Of course, they come larger than that too!

Anyway, a favorite dealer  came across one of a quality he had not seen in a long time and offered it to me. This, just before Christmas, so how could I resist the gift? The bowl, was/is as amazing as he had said. He had a few others for sale, but none like mine. So he sent those, and I fell in love with another one. Luckily, two were of a different construction — some of the thinnest of these bowls I’ve ever seen, and they had a vibrato that was unbelievable. Those literally flew out the door. But one he sent I fell in love with, and  it stayed. So I received more, and my own collection began to grow too. Now, I have six, and the result is the biggest change in my practice since the gem crystal bowls arrived.

I took four of them to a recent concert meditation. Usually I only use them in individual sessions, because they are monsters for me to carry. But this special occasion warranted their presence. So, here’s what happens when combined with the gem crystal singing bowls. They offer a point of settling, grounding, focus. In the midst of beautiful melodies and entrancing chords, they present an opportunity to embody all of that and more.  It’s this quality of centering with and embodying the sound that has struck me so profoundly.

I have always liked the warmth of the Himalayan bowls and appreciate that quality with the gem crystal bowls I play. Now, I have a new point of reference and so do my audiences.