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Egyptian Time and Space

May 31, 2016

Egypt – notes from another land and time. I still don’t know how to write or speak of this, almost 6 months later. Nothing captures the scale I met on all fronts: the temples are immense, the statues colossal, the hieroglyphics prolific.

All the photographs I saw before I went did not prepare me. All the photographs I took capture only glimpses. I am left dumb. I have begun to learn to play odes to the gods and goddesses with the bowls.

However, it may be unfair and perhaps untrue to say that I have no words, when here I am typing away. How can I convey the sense of wonder and awe that I met again and again? Imagine being at the Grand Canyon one day, in the Giant Redwood Forest the next and at Niagara Falls the day after. That’s the sense of majesty and grandeur I experienced every day I was there.

Entering the Temple of Karnak in Luxor the first day, I said goodbye to my mind and simply tried to soak up every inch of those columns made to resemble giant papyrus plants seven stories high.  I found myself wandering in spaces where I felt as small as a quark and just as charmed. Energy and matter seemed to meet and spiral; a quality of timelessness pervaded it all.

Perhaps these expressions will serve as a transmission of the energies, so that you may share in the experience, which has not left me, only expanded.

Or perhaps it is conveyed best with the singing bowls I love so much. Here’s a clip from the Ode to Hathor.