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Why Bowls?

January 12, 2019

Everyone has some form of energy that they “tune into.” For some, it’s crystals, for others, Reiki. For me, it’s bowls.

Which makes sense, since I’ve been attuned to sound most of my life. If you’ve heard me before or read my website, you’ll know that as a child I heard sounds that seemingly came out of nowhere. They intrigued me. And, forty years later, when a spiritual teacher directed me back to them, they provided a whole new way to explore my spiritual path.

Bowls offer lots of people ways to connect with sound energy. Some people calm down just holding a bowl and then playing it. In this way, bowls release the need for further action. Yes, you’re “doing” something, but you no longer have a goal to achieve once you start playing. (You can’t perform a Shostakovich symphony with a single bowl.) You’re just enjoying the experience. Like eating good food, you become present with it because it’s both pleasurable and intriguing.

Anything that leads us to being in the present moment is good, whether it’s bowls or something else. I find bowls effective, because, while they start with a sensory experience (sound), they move us into dimensions beyond the senses. The experience allows our bodies to relax, our minds and emotions to “flow” rather than get stuck by certain obstacles or even remain stagnant, which can be very beneficial.

So, if you’ve wondered about bowls or maybe listened to them, try picking one up and seeing what happens for you.