Upcoming Events

Friday, June 16 from 7-8:30 pm Concert
Namaste Life Enrichment Center

620 E. Smith Road, Unit W-6 (located in the 620 complex)
Medina, OH 44256

If you’ve never worked with singing bowls, you’ll enjoy the guidance and information available at the workshop. Whether you play or are interested in Tibetan metal bowls or crystal bowls, the principles apply and information will be offered on both. Namaste Life Enrichment Center has the details and lots of great programs to check out besides.


Consider a Gift Certificate — or a session for yourself just $70 or $90

Crystal Bowl session – Enjoy your own session with the crystal bowls. It’s a great “musical massage.” $70/person

Chakra Clearing and Alignment – A set of bowls tuned to the chakra system will help tune you to your energy. $70/person

Journeying session – Go deep in this session and gain new insights into issues you are contemplating. $90/person

Group Sessions – Many of my sessions are for private groups these days! Let’s talk about what might work for your meditation group or circle of friends. Call 216-297-0739 or email me kcalby@sbcglobal.net

2 Responses to “Upcoming Events”

  1. Patricia Doyle Says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    I used to be on your mailing list for events and wondered if you still have one. If so could you put me back on it? I have been to a couple of them in the past and went to your house to meet/buy a bowl once. Also I am a student of Sarah’s, that’s where I first met you. Love your “work”. Peace Patricia

    • resoundingjoy2u Says:

      Hi Patricia, you’re back on the mailing list. I just started doing events again after the winter lull. You’ll see I’m back at the Church of the Angels — Yay!

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